Contoh Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris SMP dan Jawabannya

Kumpulan Contoh Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris SMP

Agar ujian sekolah dapat berjalan lancar, kamu bisa melakukan antisipasi dengan mengerjakan beragam contoh soal reading bahasa Inggris SMP di rumah. Mengapa soal reading?

Seperti yang kamu ketahui, pelajaran bahasa Inggris sekolah menengah pertama banyak membahas tentang jenis teks bahasa Inggris. Oleh karena itu, sebagian besar soal ujian bahasa Inggris sekolah menengah pertama adalah soal reading comprehension

Apa itu soal reading comprehension? Soal reading comprehension adalah soal bacaan yang bertujuan mengukur kemampuan membaca dan juga pemahaman kamu terhadap sebuah teks. Nah, untuk mempersiapkan diri sebelum ujian, kamu bisa mencoba menggarap beberapa contoh soal reading comprehension essay seperti berikut ini. 

Contoh Reading Text Bahasa Inggris & Latihan Soalnya

Pelajari Contoh Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris SMP

Kerjakan dengan teliti dan cocokan hasil pengerjaan yang kamu lakukan dengan kunci jawaban yang tersedia!

The following text is for questions number 1 to 4. 

My Simple Vacation in Bali

My family and I decided to vacation in Bali a few months ago. We went by land transportation and then crossed by ferry. 

Upon arriving in Bali, we stopped at Kuta Beach first before heading to the hotel to watch the sunset. The first day we spent at the hotel because we were tired after a long journey. 

On the second day, we visited the Mangrove Forest, which is close to the hotel. It doesn’t take long. After that, we decided to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary to see the beauty of the Balinese temple. Interestingly, there are many monkeys, which are also a unique attraction for tourists.

On our last day, the third day, we decided to shop for souvenirs for our family back home and friends. We visited several traditional markets and Balinese souvenir centers. 

Overall, my family’s vacation in Bali was quite enjoyable. I hope to return to Bali one day and enjoy a more extended holiday.

  1. What kind of text is the text above?
  1. Narrative text
  2. Recount text
  3. Procedure text
  4. Descriptive text
  1. Where did the writer and his family go on the first day in Bali?
  1. Kuta beach
  2. Mangrove forest
  3. Traditional market 
  4. Monkey Forest
  1. What surprised the writer during his visit to the Monkey Forest?
  1. There are lots of plants.
  2. He saw many monkeys.
  3. There are many traditional sellers.
  4. The place is close to the hotel.
  1. How long does the writer vacation in Bali?
  1. One week
  2. Two days
  3. Three days
  4. Four days

The following text is for questions number 5 to 8.

Once upon a time, there lived a traveler who always traveled around the world. Once he came to a village full of curmudgeons. Even to share food, they are reluctant.

Once, this traveler was ravenous. However, he knew that asking the villagers for food was useless. Because of that, he visited a house and asked permission to cook the stone he found on a public road.

Later, the traveler asked the house owner for water and salt. Not long after, a resident came with carrots and onions he had harvested. The traveler then asked for some of his carrots and onions. Then another resident appeared carrying his chicken meat. Again, the traveler asked for a few pieces of chicken meat.

Gradually, the soup that the traveler was cooking contained more and more ingredients. The residents learned that helping each other could produce something more significant.

  1. What kind of text is the text above?
  1. Descriptive text
  2. Procedure text
  3. Recount text
  4. Narrative text
  1. The word “curmudgeons” in the first paragraph has a similar meaning to …
  1. Miser
  2. Generous
  3. Kind
  4. Magnanimous
  1. What is the first thing the traveler gets from the villager?
  1. Carrot
  2. Chicken Meat
  3. Water
  4. Onion
  1. What does the word “ravenous” mean in Bahasa Indonesia?
  1. Haus
  2. Sangat lapar
  3. Kenyang
  4. Puas

Kunci Jawaban

Kunci Jawaban Contoh Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris SMP

  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. C
  8. B

Itulah beberapa contoh soal reading bahasa Inggris SMP yang bisa kamu kerjakan untuk belajar sebelum ujian sekolah. Ingat, untuk hasil yang maksimal, kamu bisa mengerjakan contoh soal seperti secara rutin. Pelajari dengan baik sehingga kemampuan reading comprehension kamu meningkat.