Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 Beserta Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1

Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh soal bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 1 beserta kunci jawaban yang akan menguji kemampuan kamu dalam memahami materi.

Latihan yang mencakup materi bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 1 ini bisa kamu gunakan untuk persiapan soal UTS bahasa Inggris kelas 11 semester 1. adapun materi kelas 11 meliputi Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction, Expression of Warning, Expressing Relief dan lainnya.

Nah, dalam artikel ini, akan ada lebih banyak contoh soal yang bisa kamu jadikan latihan sebelum menghadapi ujian di sekolah.

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e!

The following dialog is for numbers 1-5

Dira: “What do you think about Bali?”

Yuni: “In my opinion, Bali is heaven on earth. There are many beautiful tourist spots. The beach is so amazing. Many foreign tourists come there. They really enjoy sitting on the beach while sunbathing.

Dira: “How about the food? Do you think it’s delicious?”

Yuni: “Yes, of course. According to me, Betutu Chicken is my favorite food in Bali.Have you ever eaten betutu chicken?

Dira: “Yes, I ate chicken betutu when I was in Bali. By the way…. Which one is tastier? betutu chicken or chicken tum?”

Yuni: “I think betutu chicken is better than chicken tum.”

Dira: “I don’t think so. In my opinion, chicken tum is better than betutu chicken because I like the chicken tum seasoning.”

Yuni: “So we have different favorite foods.”

Dira: “I think so.”

  1. What is the name of the city that Dira and Yuni were talking about?
  1. Lampung
  2. Bali
  3. Surabaya
  4. Bandung
  5. Yogyakarta

Jawaban : B

  1. What is Yuni’s opinion on Bali?
  1. The city is stunning.
  2. The city is unsightly.
  3. The city is rife with crime.
  4. The city is a mess.
  5. The city is compact.

Jawaban : A

  1. What kind of food did Yuni favor going by the conversation above?
  1. Lilit satay.
  2. Betutu Chicken.
  3. Jinggo Rice
  4. Tum Chicken
  5. Plecing satay

Jawaban : A

  1. According to the text, who comes to Bali a lot?
  1. Family
  2. Yuni
  3. foreign tourists
  4. Dira
  5. local tourists

Jawaban : C

  1. “In my opinion, Bali is heaven on earth. There are many beautiful tourist spots.”

The previous phrase is part of the expression of….

  1. disagreement
  2. giving opinion
  3. asking opinion
  4. neutral position
  5. Agreement

Jawaban : B

(1) Jenny: “How about discussing the human body?”

(2) Ari: “What should we bring to the oral exam the following week?”

(3) Jenny: “Good thought.”

(4) Ari: “Not a horrible idea, however discussing animals is rather common. A lot of our classmates have shared stories about animals.”

(5) Jenny: “What about a brief discussion of animal species?”

  1. Make a good dialogue out of the above-mentioned jumble of sentences!
  1. (2)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(5)
  2. (2)-(5)-(1)-(4)-(3)
  3. (1)-(3)-(2)-(4)-(5)
  4. (1)-(3)-(2)-(5)-(4)
  5. (2)-(5)-(4)-(1)-(3)

Jawaban : E

The following dialog is for numbers 7-8

Mother: “Joni, where are you? Get up, my love. It’s Monday morning.”

Joni: “I’m in my bedroom, Mom. I’m here.”

Mother: “Oh, look at you. Why don’t you attend school?”

Joni: “Mom. I have got a headache.”

Mother: “Let me check.Your body temperature is elevated. You ought to remain at home.”

Joni: “Okay, mom.”

  1. Which sentence shows the giving suggestion?
  1. You ought to remain at home
  2. I have got a headache.
  3. It’s Monday morning.
  4. Why don’t you attend school?
  5. Let me check.

Jawaban: a

  1. Has Joni got a headache?
  1. Yes, he does.
  2. No, it is not.
  3. No, he has not.
  4. Yes, it is.
  5. Yes, he has. 

Jawaban: e

The text below is for question number 9 – 10

What Drives Hawks to Hunt Chicks?

A hawk once fell in love with a hen. “Will you marry me”, the hawk asked the hen as he flew down from the skies.

The courageous, powerful hawk was adored by the hen, who longed to wed him. “I cannot soar as high as you can,” she countered. “If you give me enough time, I might be able to outfly you. then we can both soar.”

Hawk concurred. He gave the hen a ring before leaving. The hawk responded, “This is to prove that you have pledged to wed me.”

The hen just so happened to have made a rooster her fiancé. The rooster was therefore extremely upset when he noticed the ring.

The rooster yelled, “Throw that ring away right immediately!” The hen instantly tossed the ring aside because she was so terrified by the rooster’s rage.

A few months later, when the hawk arrived, the hen told him the truth. Because of his rage, the hawk cursed the hen, asking, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Now, you’ll always be scratching the ground, and I’ll constantly be flying overhead to grab your kids,” the hawk declared.

  1. Before leaving, what gift did the hawk give to the hen?
  1. Promise.
  2. Trust.
  3. Agreement.
  4. Time.
  5. A ring.

Jawaban : e

  1. What is the moral message of the text?
  1. Honesty plays a crucial role in a person’s life.
  2. Anger never aids in problem solving.
  3. A person who made a mistake should first offer an apology.
  4. It is not acceptable to pardon wrongdoing.
  5. The hawk should actually apologize to the hen.

Jawaban : A

Itulah beberapa contoh soal bahasa inggris kelas 11 semester 1. Silakan untuk menjawab pertanyaan terlebih dahulu, kemudian cocokkan jawaban kamu dengan jawaban yang telah tersedia. Selamat mencoba!