Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 1 dan Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 1

Setelah mempelajari beberapa materi bahasa Inggris, inilah saatnya untuk menguji kemampuan menjawab soal. Artikel ini berisi contoh soal bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 1.

Pada smester pertama, materi bahasa inggris kelas 10 antara lain tentang expression of showing care and sympathy, Expressing Happiness, Making an Appointment  dan lainnya, kini saatnya kita mengetahu contoh soalnya.

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Semester 1 dan Jawaban

Kebanyakan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 10 semester 1 berisi tentang bacaan tekas, percakapan, dan melengkapi kalimat dalam bahasa Inggris. Berikut ini soal bahasa inggris kelas 10 semester 1 dan kunci jawabannya.

Bacalah dengan seksama dan pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat antara a, b, c, d, atau e!

Untuk Soal Nomor 1 & 2

Mr. Agung: “Andin, this is Mrs. Gina, the manager of the purchasing division. Mrs. Gina, she is Andin. She is your new assistant.

Andin: “Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Gina.

Mrs. Gina: “Pleased to meet you too.  Can you communicate in English?

Andin : “Yes, Ma’am. I can communicate clearly in English. I have a degree in English language and literature.

Mrs. Gina : That’s fantastic! I sincerely hope we can work together.

     1. Where does the conversation occur?

  1. office        
  2. supermarket
  3. classroom  
  4. job fair
  5. university

Jawaban: A

     2. What does Andin appeal to Mrs. Gina?

  1. grade
  2. helpful trait
  3. language skills
  4. job experience
  5. education background

Jawaban : C

      3. Alex: Dad ! I have good news !

Dad : What is it, boy?

Alex : I received a fantastic score on the most recent test, according to my English teacher!

Dad  : Really? , ……………… !

Alex : Yeah Dad, thanks

  1. Sure
  2. Okay
  3. I’m proud of you dear
  4. No, I’m busy
  5. That’s okay

Jawaban : C

    4. You can never predict Rina’s response. She may be so kind one minute, then turn into the world’s most hateful person the next. She is truly…

  1. selfish 
  2. polite 
  3. shy
  4. pessimistic 
  5. moody

Jawaban: E

Hai, Dela! I’d like to say hello. Farina Diana is my name. Friends call me Rina. I’m originally from Nganjuk, a tiny settlement in East Java. But I reside with my aunt and uncle in Semarang because I am a university student. 43 Seroja Dalam Street is where I am located. 

     5. Farina Diana lives where?

  1. Jakarta
  2. Bandung
  3. settlement in East Java
  4. Semarang
  5. Nganjuk

Jawaban : D

Untuk Soal 6 & 7

Gerald: Uncle, do you have a new phone?

Jene: Yes, Gerald. My old phone is damaged.

Gerald: Can I see it?

Jene: Sure.

Gerald: Wow, It appears upscale. It is fully functional and multi-functional. Analog TV completes it, am I correct?

Jene: Indeed!

Gerald: It has a good sound and sharp colors. Wonderful!

      6. What’s the conversation about?

  1. Uncle Gerald’s Analog Television 
  2. The wonderful Cell phone 
  3. Jene’s high-tech brand-new cellphone
  4. Gerald’s new cell phone 
  5. Jene’s multifunction Phone

Jawaban : D

     7. In the conversation, who is talking?

  1. Father and son 
  2. Uncle and nephew 
  3. Friends
  4. Uncle and niece 
  5. Uncle and Aunty

Jawaban : B

You notice that your friend comes to class with a sad face.

You: “Is there a problem? You don’t seem as joyful.

Friend: I lost my phone this morning on the way to school.”

You: “That’s terrible. No way. How did that occur?

Friend: “I’m not sure. Until I arrived here, I was unaware that it had vanished.

You: “Oh no, what a bad thing to happen.”

8. Which of the following is false?

  1. Your friend lost the phone.
  2. You don’t care about what happened 
  3. You inquire after seeing your friend’s unhappy expression 
  4. You are concerned for your friend 
  5. Your friend is in an unfortunate situation

Jawaban : B

     9. It’s ten o’clock in the night. Agil will go to sleep. He says…… to his parents

  1. Good night
  2. Good afternoon
  3. Good bye.
  4. Good morning
  5. Good day

Jawaban : A

Untuk Soal Nomor 10 & 11

Greetings, Nicole Zefanya

Thank you for last Friday’s presentation to our newest clientele. Your use of colorful images to describe things impressed me as being really effective. The clients appeared to particularly value your attention to detail while responding to their inquiries. I appreciate the time and effort you put into planning this. It was among the best events I’ve ever been to. 

Regards, Michael Brian

10. The message informs us that…

  1. Nicole Zefanya received praise from Michael Brian for being the best client last Friday. 
  2. Nicole Zefanya’s presentation was very effective. 
  3. In the business, Michael Brian was Nicole Zefanya’s top client. 
  4. Michael Brian receives praise from Nicole Zefanya for his effective presentation on Friday. 
  5. Last Friday, Nicole Zefanya prepared the presentation for the clients utilizing colorful images.

Jawaban : B

     11. According to the message…

  1. Nicole was congratulated by Michael Brian.
  2. When she responded to their inquiries, Michael Brian admired her attention to detail.
  3. Michael Brian envies the presentation by Nicole Zefanya.
  4. Michael Brian requested that Ms. Zefanya work on Friday’s presentation.
  5. Michael Brian is a client of  Nicole Zefanya.

Jawaban : A

Itulah 10 contoh soal bahasa inggris kelas 10 semester 1. Selamat mengerjakan!