Contoh Soal Past Future Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Kumpulan Contoh Soal Past Future Perfect Tense

Dalam tes bahasa Inggris yang lebih kompleks, kamu akan mendapati beberapa soal past future perfect tense. Agar tidak kaget nantinya ketika menemui soal ini, kamu bisa coba mengerjakan latihan past future perfect tense. Ini adalah contoh soal past future perfect tense dan jawabannya yang  bisa kamu pakai untuk latihan di rumah.

Contoh Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Pilihan Ganda dan Jawabannya

Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Pilihan Ganda

Dalam soal past future perfect tense pilihan ganda ini setiap soal hanya memiliki satu jawaban yang benar. Untuk menyelesaikannya, pilihlah jawaban yang paling sesuai.  Kerjakan latihan soal past future perfect tense ini dengan cermat dan teliti!

  1. My friend, Joana, ___ if she had played better in the final round. 
  1. would have won
  2. would won
  3. has won
  4. had won
  1. That singer ___ if she had sung Bob Dyan’s song. 
  1. would have been famous
  2. would have famous
  3. will famous
  4. was famous
  1. Nick: I came late to Danny’s wedding yesterday.

          Lucas: Well, that isn’t very good.

          Nick: I know. I ___ faster. 

  1. should been driven
  2. should have driven
  3. should have driving
  4. should have drives
  1. If we had better players on the field, we ___ the cup home. 
  1. might have bring
  2. may have brought
  3. might have brought
  4. might has brought
  1. Nancy: Why is Dian crying?

         Jacob: She loses her phone.

          Dian: I ___ my phone if I had closed my bag correctly. 

  1. would not have lose
  2. would not have loses
  3. would not has lost
  4. would not have lost
  1. Unfortunately, he died due to cancer. If not, he ___ an enormous meta-world. 
  1. would have built
  2. would have build
  3. would have builds
  4. would have building
  1. Honestly! If I had studied harder in mathematics, I would ___ the Harvard qualification. 
  1. has passed
  2. have passed
  3. has passing
  4. have pass
  1. Eric and James would have overcome the problem if they had ___ our teacher the truth. 
  1. told
  2. telling
  3. tell
  4. tells
  1. Would you have ___  your test if you had gotten C?
  1. redo
  2. redone
  3. redid
  4. redoes

The following dialogue is for questions number 10 and 11

Mr. Smith: Where have you been last night, Andrea? 

Andrea: Sorry! My friends and I went to arcade games yesterday.

Mr. Smith: You ___ (10) at night without my permission. 

Andrea: Well, you ___ (11) me if I had asked you last night. 

Mr. Smith: No, I will consider it. 


  1. should not have go
  2. should not have going
  3. should not have gone
  4. should not have goes


  1. would not have permit
  2. will not have permits
  3. will not have permitted
  4. would not have permitted

    12. Which of the choices below is grammatically correct?

  1. Tommy would not have gotten an A on his test if he had not studied. 
  2. Jenny will have known if her boyfriend had told her. 
  3. My brother would have playing on the team if his ankle was ok. 
  4. June would have left if his friend has not stopped him. 
  1. My kids would have ___ their money if my husband and I had not taught them how to use it wisely. 
  1. spend
  2. spends
  3. spent
  4. spending
  1. Kim: Have you received the package I sent you last week?

         Justin: No, I have not.

          Kim: Weird! You ___ my package by now if the courier had delivered it two days ago. 

  1.  should has received
  2.  should have received
  3.  should have receiving
  4.  should have receive
  1. Henry: What a waste of time!

          Drew: We failed!

          Henry: Yeah. The program ___ the examination if we had installed the anti-penyakit. Now, it’s too late!

  1. would have passed 
  2. would have pass
  3. would have passes
  4. would has passed 
  1. You would not have been exhausted if you had ___ regularly in the past. 
  1. had practice
  2. have practiced
  3. was practicing 
  4. had practiced

The following text is for questions number 17 and 18

My father and I ___ (17) our holiday in Bali if my father had booked the plane ticket on time. However, my dad forgot, so we spent our holiday in the house. It’s not the first time my father made this mistake. Back in 2020, we ___ (18) to Spain for the summer holiday, but my father misread the flight schedule, so we missed the plane. 

  1. would have spent
  2. will have spent
  3. would had spent
  4. would have spending


  1. should have gone
  2. should had gone
  3. should having gone
  4. should have go
  1. Dean: Our new employee ___ if he had managed the last project perfectly, but he failed. 

          Paul: Really? What happened?

          Dean: He forgot the reservation for the shooting location, so a commercial project fell through.

  1. would have be our manager
  2. would have been our manager
  3. would have our manager
  4. would have became our manager
  1. John: I heard they canceled the tournament. 

         Joe: Yes, someone got terrible injuries in the last match yesterday. Therefore the police pressured the organizers to cancel this year’s boxing competition.

        John: It ___ if the organizers had prepared adequate protection for the participants. 

  1. would not have happened
  2. would not have happen
  3. would not have happening
  4. would not have happens
  1. Which of the choices below is grammatically incorrect?
  1. Should I have passed the exam if I had studied harder?
  2. Brandon and Timmy should have forgiven Santi if she had apologized first. 
  3. Joshua and James would not have been frostbitten if they had worn thick clothes. 
  4. Nanda should have traveled around the world if she had not sick. 

The following dialogue is for questions number 22 and 23

Steve: What happened last night?

Peter: Jonathan lost in the quarterfinals.

Steve: How come?

Peter:  There’s a malfunction in Jonathan’s suit. The cloak he was wearing made him slip and fall. Because of this, the jury reduced his points by 20 points. He would have won first place if he ___ (23) that cloak.

  1. Because of this, the jury reduced his points by 20 points.” The word “his”  in that sentence refers to ___
  1. Steve
  2. Peter
  3. Jonathan
  4. The Jury
  1. had not used 
  2. had not use
  3. have not used 
  4. had not using

     24. If Vera and Cody had driven their car more carefully, they would not have ___ into this horrible car crash. 

  1. get
  2. gets
  3. gotten
  4. got
  1. Trust me! If Maya had got money from her office, she ___ me to pay her last week’s water bill. 
  1. would not have asked
  2. would not have asking
  3. would not have asks
  4. would not have ask
  1. That guy would not ___ if he had not robbed the jewelry store on the main street. 
  1. have in jail
  2. have been in jail
  3. have be in jail
  4. have being in jail
  1. Would they have gotten married if the guy had not ___?
  1. cheating
  2. cheat
  3. cheats
  4. cheated
  1. Ben, she would have ___ you if you had told her the truth. 
  1. loves
  2. loved
  3. love
  4. loving
  1. People would have ___ me if I had gone to that festival, but I’m not. 
  1. seen
  2. saw
  3. see
  4. seing
  1. My brother would have waited for me if he ___. 
  1. had not been busy
  2. had not busy
  3. have not been busy
  4. have not busy

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Contoh Soal Essay Past Future Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Essay

Di bawah ini terdapat 15 contoh soal past future perfect tense bentuk esai. Isi bagian yang kosong agar kalimat dapat menjadi bentuk past future perfect tense yang baik. Perhatikan kata yang ada di dalam tanda kurung sebagai petunjuk!

  1. The serial killer ___ you if the police had not shown up. (would/kill)
  2. Amber and Max ___ that place if they knew it was forbidden. (would/not/dig)
  3. Why would Fred have ___ me about your problem? (tell)
  4. Should she have ___ the test if she had gotten a score of 60? (pass)
  5. Danny ___ to his father if someone had not told him. (would/not/lie)
  6. The waitress ___ you if you had raised your hand. (should/serve)
  7. My dad ___ that toy for me, but he preferred not to. (could/buy)
  8. The ballerina ___ if the stage manager had not stopped the show. (would/injure)
  9. Some journalists ___ the news if that guy had not leaked it on his social media. (would/not/know)
  10. He ___ if the doctor had not done CPR. (would/die)
  11. Would she have ___ if the jury had lowered their expectations? (succeed)
  12. The dogs ___ if Mr. Harrington had not accommodated them. (would/neglect)
  13. Romeo and Juliet would not have rebelled if their parents had not ___ their relationship. (forbid)
  14. She would not have been sick if she had ___ her vitamins. (drink)
  15. Vicky ___ his pet if he had asked his friend to help him. (should/find)

Kunci Jawaban Latihan Past Future Perfect Tense

Kunci Jawaban Soal Past Future Perfect Tense

Untuk membantu kamu memeriksa hasil jawaban dari pertanyaan di atas, berikut adalah kunci jawaban dari contoh latihan soal past future perfect tense sebelumnya. Yuk, simak! 

  1. A
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. B
  8. A
  9. B
  10. C
  11. D
  12. A
  13. C
  14. B
  15. A
  16. D
  17. A
  18. A
  19. B
  20. A
  21. D
  22. C
  23. A
  24. C
  25. A
  26. B
  27. D
  28. B
  29. A
  30. A
  31. would have killed
  32. would not have dug
  33. told
  34. passed
  35. would not have lied
  36. should have served
  37. could have bought
  38. would have been injured
  39. would not have known
  40. would have died
  41. succeeded
  42. would have been neglected
  43. forbidden
  44. drunk
  45. should have found

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Demikian pembahasan terkait contoh soal past future perfect tense dan jawabannya ini. Lebih kanjut, kamu bisa memanfaatkan artikel soal latihan past future perfect tense dan jawabannya ini untuk belajar di rumah sebagai persiapan ujian atau ulangan. Semoga dapat membantu!