55 Contoh Soal Simple Future Tense dan Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Simple Future Tense Untuk Belajar

Ketika dihadapkan dengan ujian simple future tense yang akan segera datang, persiapan yang harus kamu lakukan kian banyak. Selain membaca ulang materi, kamu patut latihan mengerjakan contoh soal simple future tense dan jawabannya, seperti pada artikel ini. 

Tahukah kamu, mengerjakan latihan soal simple future tense sebelum ujian memberikan banyak keuntungan? Ya, mengerjakan latihan soal bisa membantu kamu memahami materi lebih baik. Selain itu, menggarap soal simple future tense juga bisa membantu kamu memprediksi pertanyaan yang mungkin akan muncul.

Nah, cukup berguna, bukan? Secara khusus, dalam pembahasan ini terdapat dua bentuk soal, yakni contoh soal simple future tense essay dan contoh soal simple future tense pilihan ganda. Yuk, persiapkan diri secara maksimal untuk ujian yang akan datang dengan menuntaskan soal-soal ini!

Contoh Soal Simple Future Tense Pilihan Ganda dan Jawabannya

Belajar Mengerjakan Soal Simple Future Tense Pilihan Ganda

Ada 30 pertanyaan terkait materi simple future tense dalam kuis ini dan setiap pertanyaan hanya memiliki satu jawaban yang benar. Jawaban dari soal simple future tense pilihan ganda ini dapat kamu periksa setelah kamu menyelesaikan tes.

  1. Addy and his brother will ___ at 10 o’clock. We need to hurry right now. 
  1. arrives
  2. arrive
  3. arrived
  4. arriving
  1. My father thinks the prime minister will ___ in 2024’s election.
  1. won
  2. wins
  3. win
  4. winning
  1. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, Anthony and Bailey will ___ at our house next week. 
  1. stay
  2. stays
  3. stayed
  4. staying
  1. Cody: You buy this bag for your mom?

          Alex: Yup! Will she ___ it?

  1. like
  3. liked
  4. liking
  1. The weather forecast predicts that it ___ tomorrow. 
  1. would rain
  2. will rain
  3. had would rain
  4. would will rain 
  1. Henry: Will you ___ to help Steve move out the day after tomorrow?

          Bill: No. I will fly to Canada for business, so  I can’t help him with his move-out.  

  1. come
  2. comes
  3. coming
  4. came
  1. It’s okay! My servant will ___ your luggage to your room. Let it be there.
  1. carries
  2. carried
  3. carrying
  4. carry
  1. Choose the correct simple future tense sentence!
  1. They will angry about it.
  2.  I will not nervous later on the stage. 
  3. Will they cancel the show?
  4. She will came later. 
  1. Below is the correct form of the simple future tense question sentence, except for ___
  1. Will Roger and Nathan bring their car to tonight’s show?
  2. Will we climb that mountain?
  3. Will it be hot if you put it in the microwave?
  4. Will Thomas started his company next year?
  1. If you do that again, She will ___ you to the police station. 
  1. brings
  2. bring
  3. bringing
  4. brought 

The following dialogue is for question number 11 and 12

Vicky: Is there any problem?

Joan: These documents are in Japanese, and the problem is I don’t know any of them. Could you help me?

Vicky: Certainly, I ___ (11) it for you. Just wait a moment. I need to finish my task first.  I ___ (12) the translated documents on your desk later.

  1. will translate
  2. will translates
  3. will translating
  4. will translated


  1. will puts
  2. will put
  3. had put 
  4. would put 

    13. Edward and Nina ___ in next year’s event in Jakarta.

  1. will not perform
  2. will not performed
  3. will not performing
  4. will not performs
  1. Niko: What shall we ___ for tomorrow’s party?

          Madeline: Let’s buy some meat for barbeque and soda. 

  1. buys
  2. buying
  3. bought
  4. buy
  1. My sister decided to limit her guess for her wedding ceremony. She ___ her high school friends or her coworkers. 
  1. will invited
  2. will not invite
  3. inviting
  4. will not inviting 
  1. Dion: Do you guys have any plans for this summer holiday?

          Bailey: I ___ to Thailand for a week.

          Robert: Well, I will go to my grandma’s place in Kudus. 

  1. is going
  2. am going
  3. is goes
  4. am goes
  1. Christmas is coming soon. My family and I ___ for a Christmas tree at Mr. Dingus’s plantation. We should get the biggest tree this year. 
  1. will hunts
  2. will hunting
  3. will hunt
  4. will hunted
  1. I ___ your secret with anyone else. You can trust me. 
  1. will not share
  2. will not sharing
  3. will not shares
  4. will not shared
  1. He will ___ my instruction. 
  1.  continues
  2.  continued
  3.  continue
  4.  continuing 
  1. She is a good kid. She will be ___ her father’s order. 
  1. continues
  2. continue
  3. have continued
  4. continuing 

The following text is for question number 21 and 22

John and I will come to the Halloween party next week. We will disguise ourselves by wearing masks and costumes. John ___ (21) by wearing a hulk costume. Meanwhile, I ___ (22) others by dressing as Sully from the Monsters Inc movie.  


  1. will be different 
  2. will different
  3. will have different
  4. will have be different


  1. will confuses
  2. will confusing
  3. will confuse
  4. will confused


23. Susan: Oh no, the phone is ringing downstairs. 

             Philip: Don’t worry! I will ___ it for you. 

  1. got
  2. gets
  3. get
  4. getting
  1. Sandy: It’s so hot! 

          Jojo: Shall I ___  the air conditioner?

  1. turned on
  2. turn on
  3. turning on
  4. turns on
  1. Patrick: It’s too crowded here.

          Kevin: Shall we ___ to another place? I know a good coffee shop nearby. 

  1. moves
  2. moved
  3. moving
  4. move
  1. Aaron and his brother will not ___ next month. They will fly to Boston this afternoon and stay there for several months. 
  1. here
  2. be here
  3. been here
  4. to be here

The following text is for question number 27 and 28

I am going to spend my new years holiday in Italy. According to my plan, I will stay in Tuscany for a week before going to Torino for another week. As a present for myself, I ___ (27) the finest hotel room in Tuscany and Torino. 

I’m not alone by myself. I will go to Italy with my friend, Louis. However, he ___ (28) as long as I do. He will come back to Jakarta 3 days earlier. 

  1. will book
  2. will booked
  3. will booking
  4. will not booked


  1. will not there
  2. will not be there
  3. will not been there
  4. will not being there

     29. Below is the correct form of the simple future tense question sentence, except for ___

  1. Will you be here tomorrow morning?
  2. Shall I make a cheese sandwich or fruit salad for breakfast?
  3. Will Janet help me with this document?
  4. Shall I opened this mail or better leave it?
  1. Which of the following choices is the correct simple future tense sentence?
  1. Eric will not be borrow your pen. 
  2. Nobody will ignore you with that vibrant cloth. 
  3. Will you helping me with this research paper?
  4. Everybody will having fun today.

Contoh Soal Essay Simple Future Tense dan Jawabannya

Kumpulan Soal Simple Future Tense Essay

Pada bagian ini terdapat sebanyak 25 soal esai simple future tense. Untuk mengerjakan latihan soal simple future tense essay ini kamu cukup melengkapi kalimat berikut menggunakan kata kerja yang diberikan dalam tanda kurung. 

  1. I ___ if you tell me your little secret. (not/snitch)
  2. Shall I ___ this cloth for you? (hang)
  3. This year is your lucky year. You ___ a lot of money. (earn)
  4. Will he ___ about it? (honest)
  5. Everyone ___ new year’s eve in this house tomorrow. (celebrate)
  6. Andy ___ this coffee. He prefers tea. (not/drink)
  7. The beekeeper ___ their honey this January. (harvest)
  8. I just bought this purse. Will she ___ this pink purse? (love)
  9. People ___ about this accident a year from now. (forget)
  10. He just got extra investment funds, so he ___ his store. (not/close)
  11. My brother ___ home this summer. (return)
  12. The first-year students ___ an additional course next week. (take)
  13. Julian ___ if he knows his brother will be here the following Monday. (happy)
  14. The fans ___ Taylor Swift’s concert in Las Vegas. (attend)
  15. Will Mr. Collin ___ if he knows that his students cheat during the exam? (angry)
  16. If I get a C on the mathematics test, my parents ___ away my DVD collection. (throw)
  17. It’s 14 degrees Celsius. I ___ an extra blanket for you. (bring)
  18. Will the attorney ___ the case again? (open)
  19. Stop playing around, or I ___ your mother to punish you. (tell)
  20. Devi and Tommy ___ anyone to enter their garden until next month. (not/permit)
  21. My landlord ___ my contract because he is about to sell the house. (not/renew)
  22. Will the script editor ___ us the new draft tomorrow morning? (give)
  23. The king ___ all the prisoners soon. (execute)
  24. The debt collector ___ to your house later. (come)
  25. Will you ___ this winter? It’s so cold. (survive)

Kunci Jawaban

Kunci Jawaban Soal Simple Future Tense

Menjawab beragam pertanyaan tentang simple future tense di atas, berikut adalah kunci jawaban dari soal pilihan ganda dan juga esai tersebut. Yuk, periksa hasil kerja kamu dengan kunci jawaban dari contoh soal latihan simple future tense di atas!

  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A
  7. D
  8. C
  9. D
  10. B
  11. A
  12. B
  13. A
  14. D
  15. B
  16. B
  17. C
  18. A
  19. C
  20. D
  21. A
  22. C
  23. C
  24. B
  25. D
  26. B
  27. A
  28. B
  29. D
  30. B
  31. will not snitch
  32. hang
  33. will earn
  34. be honest
  35. will celebrate
  36. will not drink
  37. will harvest
  38. love
  39. will forget
  40. will not close
  41. will return
  42. will take
  43. will be happy
  44. will attend
  45. be angry
  46. will throw
  47. will bring
  48. open
  49. will tell
  50. will not permit
  51. will not renew 
  52. give
  53. will execute
  54. will come
  55. survive

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Itulah beberapa contoh soal simple future tense dan jawabannya. Ingat persiapan menuju ujian tidak cukup hanya dengan belajar materi namun juga mengerjakan soal latihan seperti di atas. Yuk, coba kerjakan soal ini untuk latihan sebelum ujian bahasa Inggris!